Help Eyeconik Records keep the music spinning!

Since 2008 my father Justin Tyskewicz has been building our family business. In 2017 he opened Eyeconik Records in Las Cruces NM as community hub for artists, musicians, and families alike. It’s a place where everyone can come together free of any judgement. Covid-19 has turned many people’s lives upside down, including ours, but for the safety of our community the governor has shut down all “non-essential business” Eyeconik closed the week of March 14, causing severe financial hardship on our family. This has taken a toll on my father and the business. Any of you that know him know he tries to remain positive but Lately it’s been so hard seeing him so sad. Eyeconik has shaped me into the person I am today. Eyeconik is something my father hopes one day will be mine, my sister des’s, and brother Jackson’s. Something he wants to keep building for generations and generations to come...So while he is quarantined for the safety of Jackson’s life since he has Rasmussen Encephalitis, half his brain removed, and my mom’s autoimmune disease I don’t want to see Eyeconik and my father fall. I made this page to help raise money for My father to keep Eyeconik alive. To help take the pain and thoughts out of his mind that Eyeconik Records won’t be here forever. To keep the music alive! Any donation helps thank you all for the endless support! We love you! #smallbusinessrelief

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